Apple iTouch, Do you really need an iPhone?

The iTouch or iPod touch was the first of Apples hand held devices to use a touch screen for all of the controls such as flicking through your music library, typing out an email on the touch screen keyboard and playing games with the controls located on the screen.  The iTouch or iPod Touch was an improvement and the next step after the very successful release of the various models of iPod with the distinctive clicker wheel and small screen.  It was also an immediate success as this model contained a large number of features as well as the largest screen size of all the previous handheld Apple devices.

The iPod touch started where the original iPods left off.  To make the iPod Touch a more versatile hand held device Apple introduced several new features on the iPod Touch to make the device more than just a very fancy m3p player.  These features include the following.

The iPod touch can be divided into three main features, a great iPod, a pocket computer and a games console.  Each of these features uses all the great touch screen and tilt controls as well as the ability to browse the internet and download applications.

The iPod touch is great for use as an iPod with the touch screen controls making it easy to navigate through your album and song library.  The iPod touch has a huge memory which can hold up to 14000 songs and these songs can be stored in different play lists to make finding and listening to your favourite songs as easy as flicking through the easy to use menu.  The iPod touch also has a voice control feature where it is possible to enter and save voice commands which can be used to control the iPod when it is in music screen.  The music feature of this iPod is also set up for watching movies and TV shows.  The larger screen size and better resolution makes this iPod the best choice for watching movies and TV shows.

The iTouch can also be used to browse the internet and to send and receive emails.  This makes a great alternative to lugging around a laptop computer and the iTouch is also Wi-Fi enabled so you can use this iPod while you are out and about.  The internet access also makes it easy to download music, games, movies and pod casts which you can then watch or play on the iTouch.