iPhone heading in to its 4th Edition

The Apple iPhone is an excellent device which provides the user with so much more than just a phone.  As well as filling the role of mobile phone it also provides the user with an iPod and also an application which enables you to access the internet and check emails.  In keeping with the Apple design philosophy, the i phone is a sleek design with no external attachments or rows of buttons.  As well as the sleek design it has some great features which make this device both easy to use and stylish to own.

The design of the iPhone as I have mentioned is sleek and trim and like other technology offerings from Apple, has no external features.  It has a bright (adjustable) display which unlike most mobile phones is made of glass not plastic which gives the phone a great all over look.  It is large enough to be user friendly at 115mm x 61mm x 12mm but small enough to be comfortable in the hand while used as a phone.  The iPhone weighs in at 135g which is heavy than most other mobiles on the market with the weight coming from the use of materials such as glass for the display.

The display is the most important feature of this device as it has been developed so that the phone works by touch screen which has removed the need for a keyboard or stylus.  It has a display that has resolution of 480×320 pixels which makes the 89mm screen display sharp graphics and vivid colours.

In keeping with the Apple theme of fun and user friendly the iPhone features bright and colourful icons for the different functions on the phone.  The screen is set up so that the main functions such as the phone, email, internet and iPod appear on the first page of the phone which makes it easy to find without having to scroll through menus to find them.  Other applications can be placed in any order by tapping on the screen and moving the icons around.

The iPhone touch screen is the centre piece of the technology used for this device.  The glass display allows the user to perform a number of functions by simply moving a finger in a variety of ways.  The multitouch technology also allows the user the ability to use two fingers to perform functions such as zooming in and out and while browsing web pages a single touch can easily move you around the page.

The iPhone has one main button incorporated into the front of the phone directly below the screen.  This button is important as one press takes you back instantly to the home screen regardless of what application you have open.