Apple Computers, are you ready to make the change?

So the time has come for you to look into buying  new computer.  Maybe it is time to look for something a bit different and have a look at why people are choosing to get an Apple computer over a regular personal computer.  The Apple company has provided some great pieces of technology such as the iPod and the iPhone and more and more people are choosing a Mac computer over a PC to take advantage of the sleek, beautifully designed elements that make up the computer.  Some of the main reasons that PC users are moving to the apple  include the following.

Many people are surprised by the apple computer and how easy it is to use.  The system is fast and responsive and you have the advantage of The Apple company continuously working to better the software and operating systems.  The applications that are included with the computer are designed to suit the home computer as well as providing a great base for businesses.

The next advantage which is a big selling point for lots of people is the security and antivirus of apple PCs.  The Mac computer currently needs no special antivirus programs (Mac recommends to have antivirus installed just in case) as the operating systems are for the moment safer than Windows.

Mac or apple computers are also much quicker when connected to the internet.  Mac uses its own internet browser which is called Safari and it is super quick.  There are many great features with this browser and it is easy to use if you are just starting with Mac.

Another advantage for people who are switching from Windows to Mac is there are Mac versions for all of the Microsoft applications which is great for keeping documents and files in the Windows format.  Mac offers their own versions of office programs which are compatible with Windows and you can even run Windows on an Apple computer exactly as it runs on a PC.

For those people who need to connect to networks or work using the wireless network then the Mac computer has this covered.  A Mac computer can connect to any network and where there is a Wi-Fi available the Mac uses AirPort Extreme which allows you to connect to the Wi-Fi without having to purchase a separate wireless device.

Apple computers are also more reliable than PCs and don’t crash as often as PCs.  The reason for this is Apple create their own hardware and software so the end product is a computer that is a fast and consistent performer.