Apple Notebooks, are they better?

If you are in the market for a new notebook then it might be a good idea to check out what Apple has to offer in this crowded field.  If you checked out Mac a while ago then much has changed and a second look at the offerings of Apple may impress you enough to consider buying one of these sleek and stylish notebooks.

Apple notebooks come in three different model types, Mac Book, Mac Book Pro (in three screen sizes) and the Mac Book Air.  The Mac Book is the cheapest of these notebooks and is considered an entry level computer with all the basic programs, a suitable processor and 250GB hard drive.  The Mac Book Pro, which is available as a 13inch, 15inch and 17inch, contains a few more features than the entry level notebook such as increased memory as well as a more powerful graphics processor.  The Mac Book Air, which is described as the lightest and thinnest notebooks on the market, has less features and slightly less memory but this notebooks appeal is mainly the portability factor rather than the performance.

Whether you have decided on the entry level Mac Book or the more powerful Mac Book Pro you will still enjoy much of the technology and features that Apple notebooks have to offer.  These features include LED backlit screen display, advanced graphic programs, super long battery life, glass multi touch track pad, magnetic and wireless connections and a built in camera.

The LED backlit screen technology is one of the crowning achievements of the range of Apple notebooks.  The screen is bright with great resolution which is great for people who like to use their notebook outside were the screen can be subject to sun glare.  The use of LED technology has also made the screens on these notebooks more power efficient which reduces the amount of drain on the battery.  Apple notebooks all contain NVIDIA graphics which takes advantage of the great resolution of the LED screens.

The super long battery life is another great feature that these notebooks have.  Depending on what programs you have running on the notebook the batteries can last up to 10 hours which is great for people who mostly work wirelessly.

Another of the great features of these notebooks is the glass multi touch track pad that allows you to navigate the notebook.  This innovation allows you to do so much more than a conventional mouse and is easy to use once you get the hang of it.

One of the quirky little things that Apple notebooks have is a magnetic connection for the power cord.  The power cord simply sticks to the power spot on the side of the notebook so if someone trips over the cord while you are working your notebook doesn’t go flying across the room.