iPad – Does it match up to the hype?

The latest must have piece of technology from the Apple company is the iPad, a very sleek looking tablet computer.  Probably one of the nicest features is the beautiful lcd display.  Although obviously not as large as screens used by lcd televisions, the quality of the ipad screen is great for watching movies and tv shows.  It also has features and designs that have been developed from Apple’s other range of technological devices such as the IPod, iPod touch and the I Phone.  The i Pad has followed the trend of all previous technology releases with the smooth slim design and the minimum of external features such as buttons and other attachments.  As with all of the products that Apple has launched the iPad has many great design and software features that make it both easy and fun to use.

The iPad design is sleek and sharp with an aluminium back and the large screen making up most of the front of the computer.  The front screen is designed with a thick boarder which allows the user to grip it anywhere around the boarder without interfering with the touch surface.  It also shares features with the iPhone such as hidden speakers, ear phone/microphone input as well as the input for charging.

The screen display of the iPad is great with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels which is a lower pixel number than expected but the colours and contrasts of the pictures are excellent.  The screen display is also suitable for use outdoors however you will get some reflection in direct sunlight and watching a dark movie may be frustrating.  The screen also has a large viewing angle which is great if more than one person is viewing something at the same time.

The iPad is loaded with the icons  and applications that users of the iPhone and iPod Touch will be familiar with.  These features are user friendly and allow you to easily move around applications and use features and it also has the Apple button at the bottom of the screen which returns you to the main screen.

When the iPad was being launched there was lots of mention in regards to its use for reading books, magazines and news while out and about.  The application ibooks and Kindle for it from Amazon have provided these features and comics / graphic novels also look great and are easy to use.  Other applications allow you to download and watch movies which also look great on the larger screen of the iPad.

The incorporation of an iPod into it gives the user access to their library of music.  However it is limited in terms of the speaker / sound quality and the volume is quite soft even at the highest setting.  For people who will use the iPod function and want to get the best sound from the iPad, then using earphones should solve this problem.

Apart from a few things that are missing from the iPad such as a camera and a frustrating lack of USB ports it does have all the makings of the trendy new thing you have to have.