iPed, No thats not a typo!

The iPad maybe the technological device that everyone is talking about but with the iPad only launched in a handful of countries there appears to be a Chinese copy of the iPad already circulating in China and a few other countries.  The iPed is the name of the copy version and is apparently on sale in China for a quarter of the expected price of the iPad when it is officially released in China in a few months time.

Pictures of the iPed apparently surfaced in the media in Japan and were then posted on YouTube.  The place where it was purchased was identified as the Shenzhen Computer Mall which was selling these copies in boxes that even looked like the real iPad.

The iPad copy apparently runs on a Google platform and even boasts that it has an Intel chip processor.  Many people may be attracted to this knock off as it looks and operates like a real iPad but the price might make people seriously think about the buying the cheaper iPed.

Internet sites that stock electronic equipment shipped from China are all advertising the cheaper iPad copy and using the significant price difference as a selling point.  From the technical data supplied on some of these websites there seems to be little difference between the two.  The cheaper iPed device even uses the same recognisable icons that the real iPad uses.

Apple is yet to make a formal comment on the iPed but with sales of up wards of 2 million iPads in the few countries where they have launched I don’t think that it will affect the popularity of the iPad.