iBook application from itunes

The Apple company has developed and has available many applications for iPhones, iPods and the new iPad.  One application which has grown in popularity, especially now with the sale of the iPad, is the iBook application available from iTunes.  This application has been around since the launch of the iPod touch and the iPhone but is tipped to really take off with the launch of the iPad.  The iBook application needs an e-book reader, which is built in for the users of the iPad, and displays books to read both in a cool library setting or as classic tiles in the iPhone application.

The iBook application is also very easy to use and stays with the great touch screen features that have become the bench mark of Apple products.  Books that feature in your library can be selected with a tap of the finger and the pages of the book can be turned by either tapping the corner of the page or manually dragging the page with your finger across the screen.

The iBook application also has a button which links your library through to the iBooks store where you can browse and purchase books for your iPad or iPhone.  The application also features ePub which is great as this format is a general one that is used across several different digital reading devices.  Apple has used this format with great success in the iPad and this format has quickly become the more preferred format for e-books.

This application has also attracted some of the main publishing brands such as Penguin, Macmillan and Harper Collins which is great for readers as this has enabled the application to stock a large variety of classic and newer titles.  iBook expects to have most major publishing companies to have titles available on this application.

The iBook application has been well designed to look great on all of the Apple devices and provide the user with content that looks appealing and is easy to use.  The obvious advantage of reading books and articles with an iPad or iPhone is that you have access to a whole library of books to choose from without the need to physically go to the library or the need to carry around loads of heavy books.  The iBook application does have some limitations such as the range of reading material available currently but as the use of Apple’s iPad and other devices increases the iBook application should develop and grow as well.