iPhone 4: unlock 3G with Jail Break

With iPhones leading the way when it comes to smart phones, users of these devices are demanding more and more features and the ability to access more than Apple restrictions will allow.  As a result of this the internet has been swamped with tons of unlocking software some good, some not so good that can be downloaded to unlock 3g and unlock your iPhone 4.  The term Jailbreak is the new buzz word for this process of unlocking your smart phone and depending on which software you choose to do the Jailbreak there are some great benefits to unlocking however there are some disadvantages.

Choosing which software to use to unlock your smart phone is important as people have been caught out spending money on software that doesn’t work.  It is recommended that smart phone users choose unlocking software form legitimate and reliable companies so you get what you have paid for.  It is worth doing a little research on this so that you use the most suitable software for the unlocking process.

Before using any software to Jailbreak or unlock your smart phone it is important to know what the benefits are as well as some of the disadvantages that can result from this process.  The main reason that iPhone users choose to unlock their phones is to remove the restrictions that Apple have placed on these devices and allow changes and improvements.  iPhones lack some great features such as customisation and multitasking capabilities which can only be used once an iPhone has been unlocked.  The other benefit of unlocking your iPhone is that you can then use the phone on any network without restriction.  By unlocking your phone it is also possible to install apps and other features from anywhere on the internet rather than having to connect to and use iTunes.

Unfortunately there are a few disadvantages when it comes to unlocking or jail breaking an iPhone.  It is important to know that Apple will void your warranty if you unlock your iPhone as they cannot guarantee that the phone will work properly after it has been unlocked or after you jail break software has been used on the phone.  Another of the problems that you can encounter after using a jail break program on your phone is that you must continue to do this process every time you complete an iPhone upgrade through iTunes.  It is advised that users weigh up the pros and cons of unlocking before deciding if they are going to go ahead with this proceedure.