iPhone or Blackberry – Which PDA Cell Phone is the Best

The market for Personal Digital Assistants or PDAs is becoming a crowded field as manufacturers try to keep up with the demand for user friendly technology that can be used on the move.  The current front runners in this market is the iPhone from Apple and the Blackberry which is produced by Research In Motion (RIM).  So which one is the best? The following should give you some of the information which will help you decide for yourself whether to buy an iPhone or a Blackberry.

Starting with the screen size and the size of the actual phone, the blackberry and the iPhone have similar dimension overall however the iPhone has the larger or the two screens.  The larger screen on the iPhone gives it slightly more appeal as it increases the ability of the phone to present clearer information with more detail.  When it comes to the keyboard of both devices the iPhone falls behind with its sometimes frustrating virtual keyboard.  The Blackberry has a physical keyboard which is a favourite with phone users who send large amounts of emails and text messages from their phone.

When comparing the multimedia of both these phones such as the camera, video and music capabilities the iPhone just wins a very close race.  Both phones have similar capabilities and even the same camera megapixel with the iPhone only just winning due to the ease of loading music and video content using iTunes.

Email and web browsing have become a very important feature of the pda cell phone and both of these phones include these capabilities.  The Blackberry is by far the best choice for people who are looking for a phone with a good email component and the iPhone just pips the Blackberry for internet browsing.  The iPhone uses Safari which is a more capable client and the iPhones touch screen makes it easier for the user to search for and scroll through web pages.

Lastly it is important to compare the storage that is offered by both of these devices.  Having enough storage is important on these portable devices as many people use their phones to store photos, music and video content.  The iPhone wins easily with up to 16GB available for storage as compared with 1GB for the Blackberry Phone.

There is not much that separates the iPhone and the Blackberry however if you send and receive loads of emails then the Blackberry may be the best option for you or if you want a phone with a larger screen, go internet browsing and large memory then the iPhone may be the right choice for you.