iPhone 4 Camera – Some of the Great Features of This Improved Camera

The iPhone 4 was released with a host of new features which included a much improved camera.  The first iPhones that were released, the 3G model had a 3 megapixel camera but Apple has improved on this by releasing the iPhone 4 with an impressive 5 megapixel camera.  As well as increasing the megapixels, Apple has also included a larger sensor and also a flash which has resulted in better overall performance of the camera feature especially in situations where there is low light.  The iPhone 4 camera has many new features and also many improvements on the previous versions of Apples iPhone.

One of the best new features of the iPhone 4 in relation to the camera feature is that this version of iPhone has a front camera as well as the usual rear camera.  This is great for people who use video calling and is also handy if you want to take a picture of yourself.  The front camera is not quite as good as the rear camera as it does not support the same HD quality with photos taken with the rear camera.

When comparing the earlier version iPhone camera to the camera in the iPhone 4 there is a huge improvement in the picture quality.  This new camera in the iPhone 4 is good but it won’t replace the many digital cameras on the market however for a phone camera it takes a great picture.  If you are the type of person who takes photos and uploads them on social networking sites then this new camera is perfect for that application and also for photos where picture quality is not critical.

The iPhone 4 camera is also impressive when used for recording HD quality video content.  The iPhone camera provides excellent quality video and for many people that will be good enough to just use their phone for video content rather than buying a dedicated digital camcorder for recording video content.

It is important to remember that this version of the iPhone is so much more than a camera and also offers users some of the better camera related benefits which increase the usefulness of the 5 megapixel camera.  The iPhone allows you to view your pictures or video on the large iPhone screen, edit and trim your pictures and video and then attach the resulting content to email or MMS and send to your friends or web pages such as YouTube.