How To Enhance iPhone, Blackberry and Smart Cell Phone Reception

People today are using their smart phones more and more for activities such as checking emails, surfing the internet and updating their Facebook account.  iPhones and Blackberries have become much more than just a cell phone for making and receiving calls however with improvements in many areas of this technology there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to reception especially in areas outside of major cities.

One of the many problems when it comes to reception for smart cell phones is the design of the phone and the positioning of the phones antenna.  The sleek design of both the iPhone and the Blackberry have the antenna for the phone buried inside with all the other technology instead of having the antenna sticking out the side or the top.  Reception in this situation can be reduced or even blocked by either placing your hand around the smart cell phone or using a case or phone skin which covers the cell phone.  There are however ways that you can enhance the reception of a smart cell phone such as the following.

The first thing that needs to be considered when discussing reception and how to enhance the signal is the carrier or telecommunications company you have chosen to use.  Some companies provide a better service to their customers and it is important that you check the reception areas of these companies to make sure that you are covered and are receiving the strongest signal.

If you are having trouble with reception for your smart phone it is also an option to try using a cell phone booster or amplifier which can enhance the signal to your cell phone.  This device works with the smart phone to repeat a weak signal making it stronger and enabling your cell phone to easily pick up the stronger signal.  These devices are very often found in vehicles and some models are able to boost the signal for multiple devices such as phones and laptops.

Other options for boosting or enhancing the signal of a smart cell phone is to make sure that the battery of the device is well charged.  Like many electronic devices cell phones work at their best with a fully charged battery.  Using an Bluetooth system and locating your smart cell phone in a high location can also help to enhance the signal in an area where reception is patchy and lastly avoid cell phone cases that are made of metal as these can decrease the effectiveness of the antenna of the phone by shielding the antenna from the signal.