Apple iPads New Challenger: Streak by Dell

The Dell company has developed a new challenger for a market which is currently being dominated by Apple both with the iPhone as well as the iPad.  The Streak by Dell runs on Android similar to other non Apple technologies such as Google’s smart phone and is much smaller than the Apple iPad which makes it a competitor in both the tablet market as well as the smart phone category.

The Streak by Dell has been eagerly anticipated by many in the technology market as up to now there has not been a worthy competitor for the Apple iPad.  There are many great features and options available on the Streak which make this device appealing to a market which so far has been untroubled by other companies trying for a stake in the iPad and iPhone market.

The first thing that you notice with the Streak is the size and the design of the unit which is much smaller than the Apple iPad with a screen size of 5 inches.  The size of this device places the Streak in a gap in the market between the iPhone and the iPad however it not really a suitable replacement for either of these Apple devices and simply gives consumers access to something different.

The Streaks design is sleek and hardwearing which you do pay for with a slightly high price point of US$500 for the entry level model.  The touch screen has been manufactured from Gorilla Glass which gives this device a more durable design than other touch devices and the design also incorporates other functions such as phones socket, soft keys and a microphone.  The durability of the Streak means that it is not essential to have a case to protect the screen or finish of the device.

The Streak also has a 5 megapixel camera, a removable and rechargeable battery, SIM card slot and a micro SD memory card.  The functions do take some getting used to especially the buttons and positioning of the camera however anyone who is familiar with touch screen devices and  Android should have no problems adjusting.  Connecting the Streak to a computer for updates is able to be done through a similar connection to that of an iPad and iPhone however these devices are not compatible.  In a way it is a little unfair to compare the Streak to that of the iPad or iPhone but these devices are currently leading the market when it comes to touch screen technology.