What to Expect in Apple iTablet

Rumours have been running rife on technology and news web pages that the Apple company is to introduce a new touch screen, tablet styled device called the Apple iTablet.  Similar to the recently released iPad and iPad 2 this specific device is rumoured to be targeted at a market which will change the way that we read eBooks and also change to way that we access newspapers and magazines.  The device is said to be similar to a supped up iPhone and will enter a market which is keen on new technology especially devices that are easy to use and have good interactive software.

The Apple company has over the last 5 years introduced technology into an emerging market where people are looking to do more while out of the office and also have access to their computers and also their music while out and about.  Apples release of the iPod put this company back at the top of the technology market with a device that was both stylish and easy to use and also backed up by a software program that allowed iPod users to download and organise their music collections.

Way back in 1989 Steve Jobs launched the little remembered Apple Newton which failed to sell as well as expected.  This device was launched as the new personal digital assistant which can fit in your hand and also incorporated a handwriting recognition program.  The Apple Newton was taken off shelves in 1998 and will not be remembered  by many as this technology did not sell well and may have been around a little before the market was ready for technology of this sort.

The Apple company has had great success with the launch of the iPod, iPod touch, iPhone and also the two versions of the iPad so the introduction of an iTablet maybe a little while down the track.  There is some thought that the iTablet is already on the market in the form of the iPad while other technology experts are expecting Apple to launch an entirely new type of device which will be the new cutting edge iTablet which may take the market in a way that has become common with new Apple devices.