How Important Is It To Have a Laptop Graphics Card

For many computer or laptop users the graphics card and the capabilities of the graphics component of the laptop is not really a priority unless the laptop is going to be used for gaming.  This attitude to graphics on laptop computers is however slowly changing as programs such as the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and other newer applications require more of the video and graphic capabilities of the computer to operate smoothly.

Many new laptops currently on the market have quite good graphics capabilities which are included as standard equipment on the more expensive  laptops.  For most computer users these capabilities are more than suitable for the work they will be completing so changing or upgrading the laptop graphics are not necessary.

For laptop users who are going to be playing video games and watching videos the standard graphics equipment that is supplied with the laptop computer may not be powerful enough.  For gamers and other computer users who need a more powerful graphics card to deliver the required graphics and effects there is the choice of quite a few graphics cards which range from the cheaper end of the market to the more specialised and higher priced part of the market.

Once you have decided that the graphics or video card in your laptop computer needs to be upgraded it is important to consider whether to buy a dedicated card or an integrated graphics card.  Gamers and multimedia users generally choose to use dedicated graphics cards as these have their own memory rather than using a part of your laptops memory.  Dedicated graphics cards are also a popular choice with gamers as they are faster, the graphics are richer and these graphics cards are able to display 3D content much clearer than other current choices of graphics cards.

For computer users who are not going to be playing computer games, but still require a quality graphics card then an integrated graphics card may be a suitable option.  These cards are much cheaper in price than the dedicated ones and the main difference between the two is that an integrated graphics card has no memory of its own and uses a portion of the laptops memory to function.  If you are unsure about which laptop graphics card suits your situation it is suggested that you invest in a dedicated card if that fits your budget as you will have the best of both worlds.