Some Great Laptop Models Currently On The Market

People buy laptop computers for very different reasons such as web browsing and checking emails while out of the office or for catching up with people on social networking websites and playing the latest video game.  The different activities and tasks that are to be performed on a laptop computer will determine the components and also the specification of the computer however the technology that has been developed for laptop computers and also there increase in popularity has lead to a market where laptops are faster, have better graphics and are more compact and sleek in design and are replacing desk top computers as the main computer for many people.  For computer users that are looking for a laptop that is a great buy, has excellent features and specs and also excels in design and looks then the following  laptop models are the ones that you should be looking at.

The Toshiba Portege R835 features in this  laptop list as Toshiba have produced a beautiful 13 inch laptop computer with its sharp design and long battery life.  The battery life lasts up to three hours more than other laptops in this size and price range which is a great feature especially for those users who like to get out and about when using their laptops.  The only downside to this laptop is that gamers will find the Toshiba less impressive than other laptops due to the use of integrated graphics.

The Apple company offers a great all round laptop for those people who have a slightly higher budget.  The Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011 is a powerful laptop which offers users fast processing, excellent graphics, a 15 inch screen and a long battery life.  Apple products still have some limitations when it comes to things such as HDMI and Blu-ray however if you have the money and want a computer that is a powerful all rounder then this may be the laptop for you.

For computer users who are shopping on a budget the HP Pavilion DM1Z may be the laptop for you as you can pick up one of these laptops for less than $500.  One of the great things about this HP laptop is that you are getting a laptop for the price of a netbook and it still manages to impress.  This laptop is the first to use AMD’s power efficient fusion platform which gives the laptop good performance and long battery life.