Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning An Apple Mac Book

With the popularity of Apple devices such as iPods, the iPhone and also the iPad it seems to be a natural progression that more and more people are considering and buying an Apple MacBook as their next computer.  Computer users  who are becoming frustrated with versions of Windows operating systems on their business and home computers and are experiencing  an increased amount of viruses, adware, malware and that frustrating blue screen are considering the switch to Apple Mac Books.  For those people who are long time Windows users and are considering the swap to Apple Mac then the following summary details some of the advantages and disadvantages of making the switch to Apple.

One of the main advantages of using an Apple MacBook is that the whole package, the software and hardware, has been developed and made by Apple.  Windows programmers have to develop software for a multitude of hardware variations which results in a less stable platform where Apple software is designed specifically for the Apple hardware that will be running it.

Another great advantage of having an Apple Mac Book is that Apple computers are more secure than computers running Windows.  Windows based operating systems are subject to an ever increasing amount of viruses, adware, malware and other malicious software which does not affect Apple computers.  Most viruses and malicious software are designed to affect as many computers as possible and with the majority of people using windows based programs this is what the hackers will target.

Many people who are considering switching to Apple Mac Book already own an Apple device such as an iPod, iPad or and iPhone and appreciate the elegant design and ease of use that comes with all Apples devices.  Apple products are great as most of the time they work well with few problems.

Switching to Apple Mac Book does have some great advantages however there are a few disadvantages which should be considered.  One main disadvantage is that these computers are not as widely used as Microsoft bases computers.  Microsoft for the moment has the market share when it comes to both home and business computers.  Other disadvantages of using Mac computers is that they are comparatively more expensive to initially buy, the computer cannot be upgraded or customised and very few computer games are available in Mac form so you will need to run Windows to play many of the computer games available for computer.