The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a Cheap MacBook

Purchasing devices that are brand new from Apple such as a new MacBook can make rather a large dent in your savings especially if you are a student.  Apple devices can be significantly more expensive than their rival Windows based laptops however if you are on a tight budget and cannot afford a new MacBook there are other options available where you can get hold of cheap MacBooks that are second hand, reconditioned or ex demonstration stock.  The following is a summary of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to sourcing a cheap MacBook for yourself.

The best place to start when looking for a cheap MacBook is an Apple store as they often have great specials and heavily discounted stock.  Purchasing second hand, refurbished or ex demonstrator from and Apple store is defiantly a great idea as much of the stock will still be covered by warranties and buying from an Apple store means that if you have any problems with your purchase you can return to the store and deal with them directly.  The only downside of shopping for a MacBook this way is that they may not have the model that you are after and you may also have to settle for a MacBook that is the model before.

Purchasing Apple devices such as a MacBook online from auction sites such as EBay can get you a great deal on a computer however there are many pitfalls in purchasing from sites such as this so it is important to do some checks before making a purchase.  EBay has information about sellers and customer feedback which is important to look at before sending any money.  Don’t deal with sellers who have a poor customer rating or a percentage mark lower than 99% and it also advisable that you deal with a seller that is located in your country (this also makes the postage cheaper).

When shopping around for a cheap MacBook it is also important to do some research into the models available and the features that they have.  It is also important to know how old a cheap MacBook is as devices such as these have a certain life and older devices can fail leading to expensive repair costs.  Knowing some information about the models and their features and how much they are new can also safe guard against paying too much for a cheap MacBook that is second hand, refurbished or ex demonstrator.