Tips On How To Increase Battery Life of Your Computer Notebook

If you are constantly looking for the nearest power point for your computer notebook as the battery seems to go flat very quickly then there are some things that you can do to make the battery last longer.  Notebook batteries have improved greatly over the last decade however they are the most limiting aspect of the portability of a notebook computer.  The following are some great ways of reducing your laptops power consumption and making your battery last as long as possible.

One of the biggest users of power with a notebook computer is the screen.  By reducing the brightness of your screen you can save battery power significantly.  Many notebook computers have default settings which recognise when the computer is running on battery power alone and automatically dims the screen to a predetermined level.

Making sure that your notebook is running at its optimum is also an easy way to save battery power while working on your computer.  Cleaning up your notebook and increasing efficiency by conducting actions such as defragging regularly.  This is quite easy to do and makes a big difference to the speed of your notebook computer.

When using your notebook powered only by battery power another way to get the most out of the battery is to close programs that may be running in the background.  Programs such as iTunes, virus scans and other programs that run in the background can use large amounts of power and significantly reduce your computers battery life.  Closing these programs until you are plugged back into power point is a great idea.

You can also increase the battery life of your computer notebook by limiting the amount of devices that are connected to the computer while running on battery power.  Devices such as iPhones, iPods and USB devices such as a mouse and also Wi-Fi all draw power when they are connected to your notebook computer.  Unplugging these devices can extend the life of your notebooks battery as many of these devices charge from the notebooks battery as they are syncing or updating.

Another easy way to extend the life of your notebooks battery is to use the hard drive of the computer rather than access data and files from a CD or DVD in the drive.  The CD / DVD drive uses a large amount of power to spin and read a disc so to extend battery power leave these tasks to a time when the notebook has external power.