Best Features of a Computer Notebooks

With sales of notebook computers ever increasing (for 2010 it accounted for over 30% of the computer market) consumers are taking advantage of the great features that computer notebooks have to offer.  Notebooks, laptops and net books have become very popular as people are working more out of the office and on the move and many people are enjoying the ability to access social networking sites while out and about.  Over the last few years it has become a more than familiar sight to see people in parks or sitting in cafes enjoying lunch while typing away and using their notebook computers for various tasks both social and job related.

When it comes to looking at the best features of a computer notebook the size and the portability is probably the most important feature of any laptop or notebook computer.  The size of the notebook is important and choosing the right size for your situation is important as you don’t want to end up with a notebook that is too small or too large and heavy.  When deciding which size is the most suitable for you it is generally a balancing act between how small and portable a laptop is and how large a screen and keyboard you need.  Some of the smaller notebooks can be difficult to use with their small keyboards and tiny screens so it is important to make the right decision or using your new laptop maybe a hassle.

Another great feature of computer notebooks is that they consume much less power than a desktop computer.  Laptop screens can be dimmed and many have power saving options which can make these computers run very efficiently while on mains power and also battery power.

As computer notebooks have become more popular features such as hard drives and processors have in some models equalled or exceeded the performance and size of some desktop computers.  Many people are taking advantage of this feature and using a laptop or notebook computer as their main computer rather than having a desktop computer which they use while at home or in the office.

One of the main limitations on the portability of computer notebooks has in recent times been the battery life.  Battery life has steadily increased as technology such as lithium batteries have been introduced into various laptop models.  Battery life and power consumption are constantly being improved in computer notebooks  which will add to appeal of a notebook computer.