Apple MacBook Pro: Is It Really User Friendly

The Apple company has spent a lot of time and money marketing and promoting both its line of computers and also its devices such as the iPhone and iPad.  Some of the biggest selling points with Apple products is the sleek and minimalistic designs, there ability to hold an incredible amount of data such as music and video content and also the user friendly aspects of all their devices and especially the various Apple laptops models that are available currently.  So are the Apple MacBook Pro laptops really ergonomic and user friendly or is this just hype and sales talk designed to sell more computers than other top laptop brands.  The following is a summary of the many user friendly and ergonomic features that Apple has included on this MacBook model.

When it comes to assessing the user friendly or ergonomic features of a laptop the main areas of activity, the keyboard and the mouse pad, are the most important features of the laptop.  Keyboards on laptops can take some getting used to as the keys can be more responsive when compared with a desktop computer keyboard.  The layout of the laptop computer can also affect the usage of the keyboard.  If the keyboard is not positioned comfortably or the keys are two small this can encourage the user to develop bad habits or make using the computer for long periods of time a hassle.  When it comes to the keyboard of the Apple MacBook Pro typing with both sized keyboards is comfortable with no problems with the size of the keys or the layout of the laptop.

Many laptop computers come standard with a mouse pad or touch screen control which can take some getting used to.  Users of these types of laptop devices can experience some annoying traits such as moving your curser if you accidently touch the pad while typing or needing to press the touch pad hard to get it to work properly.  The Apple MacBook Pro offers users an option which is more user friendly than other laptops and is able to be used for multi touch gestures as well as being set at a suitable sensitivity.

When it comes to a laptop being user friendly, the MacBook Pro also has features such as light sensitive illumination, the screen is lit by LEDs which require no warm up time and the sleek design which is all about ergonomics and being user friendly.