Looking for a New Laptop These are the Best Computers Under $400

If you are like many people and shopping on a budget there are some great laptop computers available for around the $400 price range.  I wasn’t so long ago that laptop computers were only available for over $1000 however with advances in technology and people wanting to be connected to the internet (and social networking sites) while out and about laptops have come down in price and it seems that everyone has one.  If you are looking for a laptop in this price range it is important to know that for $400 you will not be getting the latest and greatest laptop with everything that opens and shuts but there are some great laptops available from several companies.  Below is a list of some of the laptops that are available in this price range.

The Toshiba Satellite (C650D-BT2N13) is one of the top rated laptops in this price range as you get quite a few features, a relatively fast processor and change from your $400 (these laptops cost around the $350 mark).  The screen size for this model is 15 inches which is a good size and the keyboard is also easy to use with no issues with small key size hampering typing.  This laptop also comes standard with a DVD drive, Windows 7 Home Premium and a 250GB hard drive.

The second Toshiba entrant in this $400 price range is the Toshiba Mini-Notebook (NB305-N440RD) which is slightly more expensive than the Satellite at $380.  The main thing to take notice of is that this computer is a notebook not a laptop which means that it has small screen measuring 10 inches and also a slightly smaller keyboard than a laptop computer.  This mini notebook also comes with a 250 GB hard drive, a webcam, Windows 7 and an Intel Atom N455 processor which is used for a number of similar notebook models.

One laptop that just makes it into the $400 price range is the Dell Inspiron 15 which retails for just a shade under $400 and is very much at the economy end of this model of laptop.  This laptop does have some good features such as a large 15 inch screen, an Intel Celeron 900 processor, 2 GB of RAM and a 250 GB hard drive which is plenty for most users.  Dell computers also have the advantage of being able to pick and choose features and the online ordering is a great way to shop.