Here’s How To Decide Whether To Buy Notebook or a Desktop PC

Many people who are about to buy or upgrade their personal computer will often spend some time deciding on whether to choose a desktop PC or a laptop computer.  In many cases the decision between these two types of computers does not come down to a comparison between the desktop PC and the laptop, both of which have advantages and disadvantages, but rather a decision based more on the personal needs of the computer user.  Both laptop computers and desktop computers address the needs of different people and the following is a summary of both the advantages and disadvantages of both types of computers and the different groups of people who use these computers.

The main advantage of a laptop computer is the size and portability of the device.  Laptops have recently become quite popular especially with students and people who like to work away from the office.  Technology advances have made laptop computers  faster, smaller, lower in price and with a longer battery life which are all advantages of owning a laptop computer.  A part from these advantages there are a number of disadvantages that come with laptop ownership.  These include a higher initial cost to purchase, most laptops cannot have extras such as memory added to them, battery life may become an issue as the computer ages and laptop computers can be awkward and cause bad habits due to the positioning and size of the included keyboard and touch pad.  For many students and people who spend time out of the office the portability of a notebook is the advantage that out ways many of the disadvantages.

Desktop computers  also have many advantages over laptop computers which is why there are people who choose a desktop computer over a laptop.  One of the main advantages of a desktop computer is they can be significantly less expensive than a laptop, you can generally add extras to a desktop computer such as drives or media cards and desktop computers can outperform laptops especially when it comes to video media.  Desktop computers do have some disadvantages however as desktops are not very portable, they can take up lots of room in an office or bedroom and have to be used where power is available.

So you are deciding which is better for you – a laptop or a desktop.  If it is performance you need from a computer then the desktop option may be the computer for you however if you want something that is portable then the laptop will naturally be the one for you to choose.