Is Your Laptop Slow? Make it the Fastest Laptop By Following Some Easy Steps

When computers, especially laptops are used for a period of time they sometimes lose some of their performance.  This is generally due to the addition of programs and files, downloading data from the internet and also having programs such as virus checkers running in the background.  To increase the performance of your laptop there are a few steps you can perform without having to spend big money on memory to get your computer working faster.  The following are a few steps which you can use to increase the performance of your laptop computer without having to spend a cent.

One of the easiest ways to speed up and enhance the performance of your laptop is to start with a disk clean up.  This function is easy to use and if performed regularly can improve the performance of your computer by deleting temporary internet files, emptying the recycle bin and removing files that are no longer required and are taking up space and slowing the computers performance.

Ensuring that your computer is free of Malware or Spyware is also important when it comes to computer speed and also security.  These programs can easily infect computers and run in the background slowing the processing speed.  Removal of these programs by running antivirus software on a regular basis will make a huge difference to your laptops speed.

For people who use the internet regularly on their laptop it is possible to increase the speed of your computer by accessing the control panel and deleting cookies and history.  This can make a huge difference to performance especially if this function has never been completed before.

Removal of unnecessary programs can also increase the speed of your laptop.  This can be done through the add or remove programs function but it is necessary to have some knowledge about what programs do what as deleting the wrong programs can cause some problems with the operation of the computer.

Performing a disk defragment can also increase the speed of your computer and works in a similar way to a disk cleanup.  Many computers allow you to schedule this function as it can take some time especially if there is a large amount of work to do.  If your computer is running slowly then try one or more of these steps to easily increase the performance and speed of your computer.